Additional Pictures from the Northwestern Years

Two boxes of 135mm slides were found with the Stover materials. Most of them document the history of the band and the homecoming celebration from 1960 to 1981. However, no slides from 1979 have been located yet. Most slides transferred to digital format quite well, but some slides were degraded from being stored in an unstable environment. Most of these pictures appear to be from Homecoming Parades in Alva, Oklahoma and at the Homecoming Game. There are a handful of Stover family pictures and pictures of the Ranger Band rehearsing at various locations. Pictures of beauty pageants are unknown precisely, but believed to be associated with Northwestern Oklahoma State University, thus could be the Miss Cinderella or Miss Northwestern pageants. Photos of the band having a picnic are assumed to be at the Great Salt Plains Lake Park, located about 25 miles to the east of Alva. Not much is known about the theater productions, other than the year they were staged.